about us


Rothmeyer Consulting (RC) was founded im 2006 by Markus Rothmeyer based on many years of work as a manager of projects and teams in softwaree development, aerospace, IT, telecommunications, production, vehicle design & construction, energy conservation and logistics.


RC is managed by Dr. Markus Rothmeyer. The team members are selected on a project by project basis from the well proven network of experts. Most of the partners have been involved in many common projects over the years.
Strategic work of RC includes a number of core topics, which are extended and adapted according to market developments. A list of current core topics can be found under the heading "Consulting".


From long term expericence we favor an approach which clarifies the baoundary conditions, the vision of the customer, the goaös and obstacles first, ideally in a top down fashion. We then work out a strategy and identify the critical path. Methods applied follow from past experience and increasingly apply a SCRUM-like, agile methodology.

Typical steps in our consulting work:
- Get to know the Project Owner, and the main project requiremnts
- Get to know the CEO and the top level vision of the customer
- Meet the stakeholders and document their view of the project needs
- Analysis of Requiremnts and Boundary Conditions
- Preparation of a commercial offer, usually with several alternatioves

Best results have been achieved with customers and partners who favor an independent approach and also look into the future.

Examples of Projects

- Analysis and documenting of all major processes of a network operator, then optimisation,
- Selection of software and concept for a multi-language web representation
- Concept for a virtual callcenter
- selection, customisation and introduction of CRM systems (based on different products and frameworks)
- Merger & Acquisition activities for small and medium enterprises, in the IT-domain
- business development for several software product companies
- prototyping of IT security related software


Will be provided on request